Ma Ogni Tanto la Debolezza ci Prende (but now and then we are assailed by weakness)

Ma Ogni Tanto la Debolezza ci Prende. (but now and then we are assailed by weakness)
performance during Museo Entr’acte , curated by M. Scotini,  Museo Marino Marini, Firenze

This work for Museo Marini in Florence was also about identity. Behind the fruit stand and the generous distribution of blender drinks, the problem was still the same. I believe that weakness overwhelms us because we are in a dimension, at times, that is not ours, so we need to find a different dimension, though it is difficult to do that. A dimension capable of reassembling detached fragments, through a reworking of everyday rituals.
So acceptance of a condition is already a way of recovering a dimension that is no longer ours.

5194608_origThe market, or more precisely all the markets shown, with crossfades, in the video, represent something that is constantly there and familiar to all. Certainly it is the exact opposite of the hypermarket.
In substance, the problem of the market is the same as the problem of homogeneity. It is always the same thing: one finds oneself there for a social function, and that is something that unites. The Arab buys spices, the Chinaman buys rice, and I go to the fish market here. It is a way of showing one’s own economic and social identity, because diversities do exist. But at the same time such differences are part of a shared identity. There are identities that have to coexist, to live together, and we know that each one has to establish a relationship with the others. In this sense, it is necessary to go all the way: if we retreat, if we go back, then we find we are on common ground.