Auguri Monica – Best whishes Monica

Auguri Monica – Temporary Settlement
Five days group performance, Galleria Bordone, Milano

A group of people will operate in the gallery for five days, staging three different standard situations:
Usually it’s a monster, video library of horror films. The other-than-self is the monster, in both psychoanalytic and social terms. Twelve films have been selected (from 1931 to 1998) from which the audience can freely choose at any time.
An honest botch-up, the kitchen. Food is cultural content in both anthropological and social terms. From private to public consumption, including the preparation. A functioning kitchen will be set up with a pantry stocked with Italian ingredients; the addition of spices will permit variations toward other types of cuisine. Visitors are invited to take part in the whole process.
Sound lot, the disco. Recordings will be available, made on an arbitrarily chosen evening, of what is offered in different venues in Milan, as well as recordings of young groups that are not yet part of the major circuit of mass entertainment. Again in this case, visitors can choose what they want to listen to.
The project calls for total occupation of space and time (with extended opening hours of the gallery). It is a sort of great performance that reveals the relationships between the various participants as they set up the different situations.
Visitors will be offered different viewing possibilities.
Certain guests, who we might define as experts, will be on hand and available to talk with the artists and the visitors: asked to take part in the project, they will not give lectures or predetermined speeches, but will simply represent the viewpoint of their specific disciplines. In like manner, the artists (professors and students) will get involved without any distinctions of rank or position.

con: Piero Almeoni, Yuri Ancarani, Monica Carrera, Simonetta Fadda, Roman Izquierdo Gomez, Larissa Lazzari, Anne Lhéritier, Saray Castillo Lekuona, Alice Nastri, Raffaella Orioni, Antonio Rovaldi, Marco Scotini

ospiti: Sonia Campagnola (sperimentazioni tra suono e immagine), Fabio Giovannini (horror, gotico, noir), Matmata (gruppo musicale), Giacomo Mojoli (Slow Food), Francesco Monico (massmediologo), Federico Rahola (sociologo).