Sleepy island

Sleepy Island
Isola Art Center, Milano
“Sleepy Island” è composto da tre amache di diverso colore

Sleepy Island is composed of three hammocks of different colors:
“From Robinson Crusoe to Gauguin, the island represents a typical projection of the modern era. It is a sort of machine to produce illusions of communion between: man and nature, man and society. At the same time, slumber is a typical figure of the isolated bourgeois ego, representing a form of self-alienation. For my work at Isola I chose the part of the park from which you cannot see the Milan skyline; using plants, shade and grass, it seems like a solitary place, without other identifying features. For several years my work has focused on the idea of universal singularity, that of the “anyone”. A singularity that is neither subjective nor socially consistent, for which I set out each time to prepare possible conditions of co-belonging. Offering isolation to collective reception is already a way of setting up one of these conditions. Seats are usually provided in urban spaces and parks. Sleep, on the other hand, is relegated to the world of the homeless. I think that also proposing this condition is a sort of integration of others and, at the same time, of a liberation for us.”