Pittura d’Esterno – External Painting

Pittura d’Esterno - External Painting
Installation, linen and wooden canvas
Arteviva ’90, Senigallia (An)

“The selected ready-made is a material that already belongs to the art sphere, a stretched canvas for painting. Here the procedure of a change of purpose brings it back to its environmental place, but shifted in terms of its usual function. The canvas, a field in which to make all the elements of the painting converge, is used as an element that is made to converge in the field of the work, which is now the space. Four stretched canvases, all equal (300 x 400 cm), lined up vertically to match a basic perimeter that forms an enclosure: a bordered internal void separated from the unlimited external extension. The enclosure alignment is interrupted, the void takes on shape in this passage.”
Gianni Colombo