Il 25% di Marie Anne – The 25% of Marie Anne

Il 25% di Marie Anne – The 25% of Marie Anne (with Mario Bottinelli Montandon)
wood, soundproof material, orange spot lamp 25W, speakers, radio and magnetic tape,  220x70x70 cm
Solo exhibition, Campo Blu Artecontemporanea, Milano

25% of Mary Anne is simply a text, deconstructed with many voices and reassembled, however, in keeping with the linear narrative of the story. A private episode narrated collectively. In fact, the ‘others’ are mere quotations inside this anonymous, everyday tale in which it is stated that Mary Anne is who she is, and could not be otherwise. The tape is presented inside a modular space of small size, clad with sound absorbing panels to create a subtle perceptive diaphragm between the inside and the outside, where the sound is also broadcast.”

Marco Scotini